Fortnite Theories: Did Midas Know He Built On The Zero Point?

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The zero point is the heart of the Fortnite map and it was almost destroyed. Now, the zero point continues to be the focal point.

After months of contemplating the location of the zero point, it was finally revealed whenever Galactus attacked at the end of Fortnite Season Four. As many people had predicted, it was revealed that the zero point was actually under The Authority the entire time. That brings up a very interesting question, did Midas know it was there?

It was stated that Midas intended to use the zero point in order to try and push back the storm. However, everything backfired on him and caused the tsunami that flooded the map in season three. During all of the chaos created by Midas, Galactus found out about the zero point and headed towards the map.

The zero point was revealed and was almost completely destroyed by Galactus. Now, the zero point has been left exposed in season five. Things haven’t been quite on the map either. You can currently interact with the zero point and it can even heal players and give shield. However, back to the question at hand. Did Midas know the zero point was right under him the entire time?

I don’t believe he did. The zero point has been a mystery for a long time. It could be the one thing behind this endless loop. Agent Jonesy has seen there is a way to escape the loop. If Midas knew the zero point was below him, wouldn’t have he been more interested in uncovering it? He was so focused on stopping the storm.

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If he had a clue the zero point was right there. He would have tried to use it to further his goals.