Jinx Fortnite x League of Legends crossover leaked by dataminers

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A Fortnite x League of Legends crossover seems long overdue at this point doesn’t it? Better late than never. According to dataminer ShiinaBR, Jinx from League of Legends will be coming to Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 as a crossover skin. Here’s everything you need to know.

Jinx Fortnite x League of Legends crossover leaked by dataminers

According to dataminer ShiinaBR, Riot Games will be celebrating their new Netflix show, Arcane, with a huge crossover with Jinx as an outfit in Fortnite. It seems that Jinx will be one of the central characters in Arcane, based on my extremely limited knowledge of League of Legends.

The collab brings together, for the first time, two of the largest games in the esports scene and gaming at large. While I could never really get into League, the game features a broad range of extremely appealing character designs. Where else can you unite pirates, K-Pop idols and electrified bears?

Jinx is the perfect character to have in Fortnite. Her colorful, chaotic appearance fits right into Fortnite’s existing aesthetic. It’ll be a breath of fresh air to see such a colorful character in an equally vibrant environment, as League’s color palette is muted to say the least.

As for the crossover itself, it’s not known at this time if Jinx is bringing a game mode with her to celebrate, or if she’ll be an Item Shop featured Bundle. Given that League and Fortnite are both among the largest games in the world, I hope to see some fun takes on League’s MOBA formula within Fortnite.

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ShiinaBR doesn’t list their sources, but they’ve been an extremely reliable source of leaks and datamines for the community for years. The Fortnite x League of Legends crossover is set for next week. My guess is that we’ll likely see Jinx in the Item Shop on the show’s November 6 airdate.