Fortnite: The Convergence is cubic laser tag fun

Epic Games, cubbe
Epic Games, cubbe /

The Cubes’ endgame is finally taking shape. They’ve converged at the center of the island at the behest of the Cube Queen, creating a new POI appropriately called The Convergence.

Fortnite: The Convergence is cubic laser tag fun

It seems the cubes have combined to create a new arena in the center of the island. It’s made of blocks, created by the Cubes. While they don’t launch you around like the Cubes  do, this aspect is still present as several jump platforms that help you get around the geometric grounds.

The Cube Queen take residence in the sky over The Convergence, overseeing the Island in an orange sphere. She looks like The Eye of Sauron. If you approach her, you’ll just be knocked backwards the same way as when you touch a cube.

The unnaturally cubic nature of the area gives a sense of unease compared to the natural vistas we’re used to in Fortnite, but the blocks and glowing runes remind me of something. Something from my childhood…

Laser tag! The Convergence is basically a giant laser tag arena. The artificial neon glow reminds me too much of arcades (ask your parents if you don’t know). The square platforms and alcoves reminds me of the hiding spots you’d find in a laser tag arena.

The cubes also create an aspect of predictability to your encounters in The Convergence. All cover in the area is geometrically consistent, so it’s easy to tell how enemies are moving. It’s also easy to spot enemies in The Convergence, as the entire zone glows in purple.

Chests are out in the open, and any building immediately gives away your position. The high ground is more important than ever, and it’s easy to access with all the jump pads that dot the area. It’s surprisingly easy to run up on enemies, but it’s also just as easy to get jumped yourself.

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The Convergence may be one of the best POIs in a while, but that may be due to the lack of map changes in recent updates. Either way, I’m having a great time in The Convergence. Let’s hope that the POI evolves in even more interesting ways in the future.