Where is Rainbow Rentals in Fortnite Season 8?

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Where is Rainbow Rentals in Fortnite Season 8? It’s easier to find than you think. Here’s everything you need to know, where to go and how to collect the Color Bottles in Rainbow Rentals.

Where is Rainbow Rentals in Fortnite Season 8?

Rainbow Rentals is a landmark, not a POI, so you can’t see the location marked on your map. It’s slightly out of the way, so it’s entirely possible to have missed the landmark in your entire time playing Fortnite. The spot you’re looking for is southwest of Holly Hedges, along the southern bend of the beach.

The place is a small, coastal neighborhood that is known for the eponymous boat rental service. You don’t actually need to rent any boats here, but you’ll need to grab Color Bottles for Toona Fish.

You’ll be able to see the Color Bottles marked on the map, so they’re simple to find. If for some reason you have trouble locating them, you can find them:

  • On the beach near the yellow house
  • Inside the same yellow house
  • On the hill to the north

Collect all three of them to unlock the Banana Yellow color option for Toona Fish.

Fort Crumpet is another easy location to hit up during your Color Bottle expedition while you’re in the area. It’s further north just by Believer Beach, but you can access it with a motorboat that’s easily obtained at Rainbow Rentals.

Since Rainbow Rentals is along the edge of the island, it’s a safe place to land if you don’t want to confront any enemies save for others seeking the Color Bottles. It’s also still close to Holly Hedges, so there’s a good spot to hit up on your way to the circle. If your circle is too far, you can steal a motorboat and circumnavigate the island relatively quickly.

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