Fort Crumpet Fortnite Ink Bottles: Fastest way to find and collect

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Your season long quest to gather Toona Fish’s Ink Bottles will take you some landmarks you may not have known existed. The get the Crimson Knight red bottles, you’ll be searching in Fort Crumpet. Where is Fort Crumpet anyway?

Fort Crumpet Fortnite Ink Bottles: Fastest way to find and collect

Fort Crumpet’s been around since the start of Chapter 2. It’s a rundown castle turned museum right at the western edge of the map, a little north from Believer Beach (sometimes known as Sweaty Sands). It’s a landmark, so it won’t be labeled on your map.

The Ink Bottles aren’t hard to find. They’re contained within Fort Crumpet, and they’ll appear on your mini map. They don’t really have an outline, so it may be hard to tell. Trust me, they’re there.

If you’re at the position of one of the bottles and don’t see it, it’s likely above or below you. Fort Crumpet has a few levels you may need to traverse.

With the ink bottles in tow, be sure to have enough Rainbow Ink to actually redeem the color. You’ll score Rainbow Ink from opening chests. Luckily, Fort Crumpet has a surprising amount of chests available.

Right when you finish ransacking Fort Crumpet for ink and loot, be sure to rotate over to Sweaty Sands. You’ll probably be in for a fight, but you’ll be able to grab a car easily to get to the circle if it’s far. Fort Crumpet’s a decent landing site, but it is out of the way and more difficult to get back into the circle.

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Toona Fish and his collectible ink bottles are by far my favorite thing about the Chapter 2 Season 8 Battle Pass. If you want to see how the other skins stack up and if the new Battle Pass is worth it, check out the Battle Pass review here.