Fortnite: How to get the Venom and Carnage Mythic Symbiotes

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Venom and Carnage are here, though you’ll probably need a can opener to extract their power for your own. Two Fortnite Symbiote Mythic Items have arrived on the Island, and you’ll want to know where to go to harness their powers. Here’s how to get the Venom and Carnage Mythic Symbiote items in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8.

How to gets Fortnite Symbiote Mythic items

Two Symbiote items spawn on the map every match. They only appear after the first circle starts, so you’ll have some time to loot before you have to fight off other would-be Symbiote hosts. You’re looking for a Venom-themed marker. It’s hard to describe, but it’ll look like a spiky tree branch or a local metal band logo.

Unlike previous Mythic items, you don’t need to kill a Boss to collect these items. Just walk up and press the button prompt to extract.

How to get Venom Mythic in Fortnite

There seems to be a few set locations where the Symbiote items spawn. I was able to find Venom north of Lazy Lake in my testing, but that won’t be true all the time. The Symbiotes tend to spawn towards the center of the map. Once you see them a few time, you’ll be able to get a feel for where these appear.

How to get Carnage Mythic in Fortnite

But where does Carnage spawn in Fortnite? Much the same way that the Venom Symbiote does. The canister will spawn away from Venom, but also towards the center of the island. Luckily, when they do spawn you’ll see them on your map.

Both Symbiotes function the same way, the only difference is cosmetic. They give you a slight speed boost, and let you glide on them after you jump. You don’t get launched, but the added mobility is always welcome.

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If you use them as a weapon, you’ll lash out a tendril that deals 60 damage to enemies. It also does pretty well against structures. The tendril has Harpoon Gun qualities, though it doesn’t deal as much damage it will still pull enemies towards you. It has unlimited ammo, but it does take 10 seconds to cooldown between lashes.