Fortnite Crew: A closer look at Chaos Origins

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Chaos Agent is one of the most popular skins introduced in the early days of Fortnite Chapter 2. While the Agents seemed to have taken a backseat to the IO, the Chaos Agent is actually the leader of the A.L.T.E.R., better known as SHADOW. October’s Fortnite Crew shows us how this enigmatic force looked in a time past, as Chaos Origins.

Fortnite Crew: A closer look at Chaos Origins

Fortnite Crew’s trying something new to keep subscribers longer: the First Shadows. These are a series of skins that represent characters that Midas first worked with in the early days of the Agency.

Chaos Origins wears much of the same dapper suit , but with a different helmet. The normal Chaos Agent wears some sort of helmet that contains the ooze that comprises his body. That helmet attaches to his backbling, and the new (old?) incarnation continues that design cue.

It seems that Chaos Origins isn’t in complete control of his form yet, as the preview images show parts of his body goopy.

Chaos Origins will later become the Chaos Agent we all know, and his connection to Midas runs deeper that we may have thought. The Chaos Double Agent variant depicts this character with golden ooze and helmet, which we also see with the exclusive bonus style for Chaos Origins when you subscribe for all three months.

We still don’t know how Chaos Agent went on to lead SHADOW, or how GHOST and SHADOW became rivals. There’s tons of stories left to tell.

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It doesn’t seem that we’ll be getting an unmasked version of Chaos Origins, so what you see is what you get. If you’re a fan of Chaos Agent or the Agency lore, it might just be worth your time to get all three and secure that exclusive gold style.