Where did Doctor Slone go in Season 8?

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Oh, Doctor Slone. One of the game’s more enigmatic figures, she first appeared in the Season Finale event in C2S2. She was Agent Jone’s boss, and she introduced us to the Imagine Order that’s been central to the plot since. The last we saw of her, she betrayed us in last season’s Operation: Skyfire event. That begs the questions: where is Doctor Slone in Fortnite Season 8?

Where is Doctor Slone in Fortnite Season 8?

If you’re out for revenge, you can actually still find her on the island. She’s hiding out in the campgrounds north of Compact Cars, a little northwest from Dirty Docks. You’ll find her with a retinue of IO Guards.

She’s hostile when encountered, and she’s got a lot of nerve facing you after what she pulled in Operation: Skyfire. Doctor Slone still has her old tricks: she’ll create two copies of herself to fight you. These clones don’t drop anything when eliminated, but they sure can hurt you. They have 300 total health and shields.

The tactic for besting her is the same. Manage your spacing, as there isn’t much high ground or cover in this new camp battle site. You can take advantage of the slight hills in the area, letting you peak and take pot shots. Get rid of her lackeys and clones first. Then, you’ll need to rip through 1,000 total health to defeat Doctor Slone.

Slone herself will still drop her Mythic Burst Assault Rifle when defeated, along with the always handy Recon Scanner.

On the lore side, it’s not known if Slone is taking part in the resistance against the Cubes. Her plan in Operation: Skyfire was to prevent the Cubes from being deployed by the Aliens, leaving you to die in a suicide mission. You escaped, but at the cost of bringing all of the Cubes to the island and corrupting it.

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Doctor Slone must be regrouping with the remnants of the IO for another plot, which I hope to see soon.