Fortnite Crew’s First Shadows bonus styles revealed

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Fortnite Crew is Epic Game’s subscription model for Fortnite. You pay a monthly fee and get some exclusive member perks, chiefly, exclusive skins. The skins change every month, without much continuity in terms of themes. Players tend subscribe for the month of the skin they want, and then cancel until something else cool comes along. Epic Games wants to change that.

Fortnite Crew’s First Shadows bonus styles revealed

Playing on the immensely popular lore surrounding Midas and the Agents from C2S2, Epic Games have announced the next two skins after September’s Burning Wolf. Subscribing for all three months will grant members an even more exclusive style for all three.

With only a week left until it’s time to wake up Billie Joe Armstrong, we’ve finally gotten our first look at these bonus styles. To the surprise of no one, they’re Midas-touched versions of the characters. They’re not necessarily as flashy as I want them to be, but there’s a few details that are apparent in the splash art.

Most notably, Sierra gets a pretty wicked golden skull helmet. Unfortunately, it’s still fairly generic as far as skin go. Chaos Origins’s gold trim makes the helmet really pop, with gold pipes and spikes. Burning Wolf gets a golden head, but these all still seem low effort compared to the other more playful Crew skins.

They still don’t have much connection to Midas visually besides the gold, though Chaos Origins has some lore connection.

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Of course, we’ll have to wait until all three skins are revealed to get in-game looks at the golden styles. If any of these gold styles speak to you, I’d say hop on the Crew.