Derby Dynamo Fortnite Quests auto-completed for all players

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Fortnite’s Quest Packs have been a great way to get some special skins while earning V-Bucks. We’ve gotten some great skins in the past, like Marigold and Derby Dynamo. The latter is back, but the Derby Dynamo Fortnite Quests have been giving players trouble. Luckily, Epic Games has just issued a fix.

Derby Dynamo Fortnite Quests auto-completed for all players

The Derby Dynamo Fortnite Quest pack costs about 12 bucks in the US, and comes with the eponymous Derby Dynamo and a set of Quests to complete. The Quests just have you complete other Quests to make progress and earn V-Bucks, so it seems simple enough. After all, this is a re-run of an older Challenge Pack.

Unfortunately, Chapter 2 Season 8 seems to be going down as the one where Quests were broken. This season is all about Quests. Punchcards are back, and Quests are aplenty. Sometimes these Quests don’t work. Sometimes they don’t track properly, sometimes they don’t complete themselves and sometimes you don’t even see them. Even XP wasn’t in a good place.

It seems that the Challenge Pack isn’t cooperating well with the new Quest system, as Derby Dynamo’s Quests haven’t appearing in players’ Quests lists. It won’t even track any progress on these Quests, either.

So what’s there to do? Epic just completed them all. Easy, right? That’s a 1,500 V-Buck infusion for just buying the pack. It’s quite the deal, as that’s about how much you’d pay for 1,500 V-Bucks going by the lowest rate. Not to mention, you get Derby Dynamo as a skin.

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If you’re not feeling Derby Dynamo, it might be better to just get 2,800 V-Bucks for 20 bucks to buy a skin you do like.