Marigold Challenges Fortnite: How to Complete Fortnite Golden Touch Challenge Pack

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Marigold Challenges Fortnite can be completed for up to 1,500 V-Bucks, while rocking a much anticipated new skin. Here’s how to complete Fortnite Golden Touch Challenges.

To get these challenges, you’ll need the Golden Touch Challenge pack. You get it from the Item Shop for about $12. You don’t use V-Bucks for this, as you’ll be completing challenges to earn them.

Fortnite Golden Touch Challenge Pack

You can earn up to 1,500 V-Bucks with these challenges. It’s quite the deal, actually, since you can’t buy V-Bucks in that installment. If we look at the price of V-Bucks normally, 1,000 costs about 8 bucks. 12 bucks for 1,500 is on rate, but you’ll get the slick new Marigold skin and matching accessories as well.

The V-Bucks still must be earned by completing the Challenges. Luckily, Marigold isn’t going to bend you over backwards to earn your V-Bucks. To complete Golden Touch challenges, you just have to complete other challenges or quests.

Marigold Challenges Fortnite

In total, you’ll have to complete 30 Uncommon or higher quests. You’ll earn 100 V-Bucks for completing 6, 200 for 12, 300 for 18, 400 for 24 and 500 for 30.

Uncommon Challenges are the green ones, like the three daily quests you get. Since Season 5 is wrapping up next week there isn’t much time left to complete the challenges, especially if you’re already complete. It’s expected that the Golden Touch challenges won’t expire between seasons, and you’ll be able to pick up right when you drop into Season 6.

In addition to the V-Bucks you earn from the challenges, you get the highlight of the set: Marigold. Female Midas is finally here, and dare I say she looks better than the Golden Ghost himself. She comes with the Golden Gambit backbling and Golden Daggers harvesting tool. They look great on Marigold, they look great on Midas, so mix and match them.

Like Midas before her, she has the Golden Touch ability that can be toggled in her Styles. Midas got more gold the higher your Battle Pass level was, but Marigold turns more gold the more eliminations you get. Unlike Midas, weapons will only become gold when you pick them up with Marigold’s reactive style on.