When is Fortnite Season 5 ending? When is the new season of Fortnite coming out?

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 is wrapping up, and players everywhere are trying to finish their remaining quests and complete their Battle Pass. Crossover skins are being dumped into the item shop in preparation for the season’s end, but exactly when is Fortnite Season 5 ending, and when is the new season of Fortnite coming out?

When is Fortnite Season 5 ending?

Typically, Fortnite Seasons last about three months. The current season, Chapter 2 Season 5, began December 2, 2020. It’s expected to end mid-March, with many sources saying the Season ends March 15.

Fortnite doesn’t have a lot of downtime between seasons, so Chapter 2 Season 6 is expected to kick off right when the game updates on March 16. That means you have just one more week to polish off that Battle Pass.

When is the new season of Fortnite coming out?

Typically, we get teasers for the new Season a week before it goes live. We’re in the homestretch, so expect to see some cryptic teasers in the coming week.

My hopes for the new season is that they continue the trend established in Zero Point for crossovers. I felt the entire Marvel themed Season 4 was a bit much, and that’s coming from a Marvel fan. In Season 5, we got tons of crossover and licensed content that wasn’t part of the Battle Pass, save for Star Wars’s The Mandalorian headlining it.

I loved how creative and expressive the Battle Pass characters were in Chapter 2 Season 2, and I’m always game for more original concepts and characters at the core game. Chapter 2 Season 5 had a good balance, letting players pick and choose any crossover skins they wanted from the Item Shop, if any. I’m extremely satisfied with the great Battle Pass skins we got. Mancake is exactly the kind of goofy fun skin that I love in Fortnite.

It’s obvious that the licensed crossover skins are making Epic Games a killing, but I hope they don’t go as far as they did is Chapter 2 Season 4.

Also, does anyone else want a Jonesy bundle that has all of his looks from the various Hunter announcement videos?

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