Rapid Fire SMG Fortnite Returns in v15.50

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Rapid Fire SMG Fortnite makes its return in v15.50. Lately, Epic Games have been unvaulting a weapon each week for just one week, bringing some shake ups to the loot pool. The latest to re-join the fray is the Rapid Fire SMG, replacing the Hand Cannon from last week.

Rapid Fire SMG Fortnite Returns in v15.50

The Rapid Fire SMG was first introduced in Chapter 2 Season 2 as a sidegrade to the normal SMG. In that season, it was only wielded by Henchmen. This time around, all rarities of this SMG variant are available in Chests and as floor loot.

What makes the Rapid Fire SMG different from the regular SMG? Well, it has fires more rapidly. It can unload its entire magazine extremely quickly, so you’ll actually want to aim this one instead of spraying and praying like other SMGs. It has more DPS at lower rarities, but you’ll need to land all of the shots. It also has some pretty gnarly spray and poor damage fall off compared to the normal SMG, so closer is better when you’re going Rapid Fire SMG.

Playstyle-wise, you’ll want to do the normal ambush tactics as the SMG. It’s better for getting the drop on enemies, but worse when the drop is on you. Just as fast as you can unload the entire magazine into an enemy, you’ll just as fast whiff them if you’re not aiming well.

Personally, I’m not a fan of SMGs in general, but high rarity ones are just too good to ignore. The Epic and Legendary Rapid Fire SMGs have some truly amazing DPS, even outclassing the Minigun at the same rarity.

If you missed on on playing with the Rapid Fire SMG back in Chapter 2 Season 2 and 3, you’ll want to give this weapon a try while it’s in the loot rotation for the week.