Fortnite: Where to find Recon Scanner in Season 8

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A new season means a new pool of weapons, and while some things change many things stay the same. Luckily for us, one of the best items returns this season: the Recon Scanner. You’ll need to use the Recons Scanner to complete one of Wrath’s punchcard Quests. Sounds easy enough, but only if you know where to find the Recon Scanner.

Fortnite: Where to find Recon Scanner in Season 8

This Quest line was bugged when it first came out, but has since been fixed. Your first step (obviously) is to get a Recon Scanner. Recon Scanners are no longer found in normal Chests. You need to get them from IO Outposts, in IO Chests. If you were around last Season, they’re the same Dish landmarks.

If you’re itching for a fight, Doctor Slone is still on the island and will drop a Recon Scanner when defeated. You can find her at an IO camp site northwest of Dirty Docks. You’ll also grab her ridiculously powerful Mythic Burst Assault Rifle.

Once you’ve gotten a Recon Scanner, you’ll need to spot two enemies with it. The Recon Scanner fires a slow moving bolt that will drop and stick, marking enemies as it travels. When it does land, it releases a pulse that tracks enemies. They appear on your screen as red diamonds, as if you you had shaken an enemy teammate.

You don’t need to mark two enemies at once with it, but it’s pretty easy when you’re in the last circles. It’s also just a good item, letting you see exactly where your enemies’ positions are. Keep in mind that enemies can see the marking pulse, so it’s best to fire it when you know an enemy is there.

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While it displays having an ammo, the Recon Scanner works on a cool down that replenishes your shots after 15 seconds. This makes it easy to use, letting you keep it on your for the rest of the game without worry of running out or overusing it.