Fortnite Secret Lair is not what you expected- Magic: The Gathering crossover

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Fortnite is one of the biggest video games in the world. Magic: The Gathering is the biggest card game in the world. What happens when these two titans of gaming collide? Here’s why the Fortnite Secret Lair is not what we expected from a Magic crossover.

Normally crossovers with Fortnite have characters from another franchise join the Island as combatant, but not this time. In a rare twist, Fortnite bows to MtG. That’s right, Fortnite is coming to Magic and not the other way around.

Fortnite Secret Lair is not what you expected- Magic: The Gathering crossover

Magic: The Gathering wrote the book when it comes to trading card game. It was the first one, after all, and it’s still going strong almost 30 years later. Fortnite’s collab isn’t going to be a full set, but rather, a Secret Lair.

How can Fortnite even be in Magic? It’s all part of Magic’s new Universes Beyond product line, that seeks to offer crossover with other franchises in card form. It’s almost like how Fortnite features tons of characters from other media. These cards will be a mix of mechanically unique cards for that franchise or reprints of existing cards with art and story set in it.

But what is a Secret Lair? It’s a fairly new product offered by Wizards of the Coast, publishers of Magic. Secret Lairs are limited edition packs of cards with unique artwork that are sold only for a certain period, printed to order. After the “drop” period is over, they will never print these cards with this exclusive artwork again.

Wizards of the Coast has confirmed that there will be two Secret Lair products featuring Fortnite themed art, all reprints. Much speculation is abound with what cards are going to represent Fortnite, but I bet that dancing and emotes have something to do with it.

This crossover also calls into question Fortnite’s own identity, and can be even seen as a parallel tale to Magic’s new Universes Beyond. When crossovers and advertising for other media are so rampant, how does the game maintain its own identity?

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Magic is my favorite game, period. I do love Fortnite, but Magic is my favorite child. I’m beyond excited and surprised at this crossover, but this makes me worried that Magic is starting to become like Fortnite as a card game, losing its identity over advertising deals. At the end of it, if this makes more Magic players it’d be worth it.