Is the Fortnite Corrupted Legends Pack worth it?: Impressions and review

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The fan favorite Fortnite Corrupted Legends Pack is back in the Item Shop, featuring some wicked takes on classic skins. Is the pack worth it? Let’s take a close look at each of the skins.

Unlike “bundles”, packs like this have to be purchased for real money, not V-Bucks. In the United States, the Corrupted Legends Pack costs $15.99. You get three skins, their respective Back Blings and a loading screen.

Is the Fortnite Corrupted Legends Pack worth it?: Impressions and review

The three skins included are Corrupted Insight, Corrupted Arachne and Corrupted Shogun. On the surface, they’re slick, all white versions of these classic skins. The Corrupted part comes in with an adjustable slider, letting you choose how much of the Corrupted effect is visible.

In the Corrupted state, the cosmetics become black with red trim. The transitions between the Corruption and the white under-layer are blended with a square, glitchy texture. They all look wicked, but Arachne and Shogun look the best with the corrupted effect.

Corrupted Arachne’s Back Bling looks particularly good with full corruption, featuring striking blades at the end of the spider legs.

The Corrupted Shogun is my favorite from the set. The intricate lining of the armor glows with the Corruption effect, and looks great in any magnitude.

Insight looks best under full Corruption. The trim around the hood looks particularly nice.

Are packs like these worth it? If you break it down, it’s about $5.33 for each skin with their matching Back Bling. The catch is you need to get all three of them. The way I see it, if you’re into two of the three looks the pack is worth it. This way, you’re paying $8 each for two skins you like, which doesn’t sound like a bad deal if you compare them to the regular versions of the skins.

Notably, this bundle is without their Gliders or Harvesting Tools. It is on the cheaper end of Cash Shop packs, however. There are pricier packs that include more accessories.

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I think this pack isn’t the best for straight bang for buck value, but if you’re drawn to Corrupted look there are very few customizable cosmetics like it in the game.