Fortnite: Customizable LeBron James skin has something for everyone

The Icon Series lets players express themselves by repping their favorite musicians, athletes and content creators when fighting for Battle Royale dominations in Fortnite. LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers is the newest addition to the Icon Series, featuring a set of cosmetics that make him the best yet. Here’s what makes the LeBron Fortnite skin so special.

Fortnite: Customizable LeBron James skin has something for everyone

The Icon Series is but one of Fortnite’s numerous avenues for crossovers, but the omnipresence of crossovers poses a paradox: how do you express yourself if you look just like everyone else? Backbling, harvesting tools and gliders are a great way to differentiate yourself from the other Tyler Blevins on the island, but the LeBron set takes the Icon Series to a whole new level.

Epic Games

LeBron James gets two different skins: one befitting the title of King James and another, lighthearted skin featuring LeBron in the new Space Jam (I can’t believe I had to write that) with a Taco Tuesday style.

The skins are great, and represent two angles that you can take if you want to rep LeBron in Fortnite. Even better are the matching accessories.

With the exception of the Space Jam skin, the LeBron James cosmetics all feature a slider that can adjust how much gold bling you get. The Lion Pickaxe and Wingspan Glider come in the King James Gear Bundle, and would look great with tons of other skins. They’re not too idiosyncratic with LeBron, and the extra customization options make the Gear Bundle a great pick up even if you’re not feeling the main LeBron skin.

According the Epic Games, the sliders give you more than 20 variations on the cosmetics. The Glider in particular has me excited, as they’re a great fit for any of the fan-favorite Midas and Marigold variations.

No matter which way you go, the LeBron Fortnite set has something for everyone. Don’t miss out when the set drops July 14.