Fortnite: Breakpoint returns and is still an incredible value

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Fortnite bundles are a great way to get cool skins and come up on V-Bucks for more skins in the process. Breakpoint is one of the standout bundle skins, and its return to the Item Shop gives players a great value if you complete all the quests. Here’s everything great about the Breakpoint bundle.

Fortnite: Breakpoint Bundle is an incredible value

Bundles offer a way to get V-Bucks at an incredible value. For just 8 bucks, you get 1,000 V-Bucks back. That’s the same as if you bought 1,000 V-Bucks in the shop straight up, but this time you get to walk away with a skin.

A bundle’s value at a baseline is just fine if you’re buying V-Bucks, but the highlight is the skin you get for purchasing. And what a skin Breakpoint is.

Breakpoint was first released in Chapter 1 Season 9, at the height of Fortnite’s tremendous rise in popularity. It was previewed in loading screens (when that was a thing), and players loved it. From its great color scheme and reactive glitchy effects, Breakpoint quickly became a fan favorite and even overshadowed the Waypoint skin its based on.

We saw this bundle come back last year as well, but if you miss that you’ll want to jump on Breakpoint before it’s gone for another year.

To get your V-Bucks, you just have to complete Uncommon or Rare quests just like the other bundle challenges. You’ll need to complete 20 in all, and you’ll be rewarded every five quests. Dailies are uncommon quests, so if you’re ahead on the Battle Pass you may need to rely on these to get your V-Bucks back.

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I wrote about Breakpoint over two years ago when I was a writing intern, so it has a lot of nostalgia for me. I’m sure many players remember Chapter 1 fondly, and this standout skin is sure to bring back some memories of those idyllic days. We’ve had some re-runs of bundle skins, but