Lyra Fortnite Challenges: How to Complete

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Snakes and Stones is the latest challenge pack to come to Fortnite. It features a new outfit, Lyra, and a set of Quests to earn up to 1,500 V-Bucks. Here’s everything you need to know to complete the Lyra Fortnite Challenges.

The Snakes and Stones Challenge Pack costs 12 bucks if you’re in the United States. The pack gets you Lyra, the Agent Stones back bling, the Slitherous Staff Pickaxe and the Snakes and Stones challenges.

Lyra Fortnite Challenges: How to Complete

The challenges themselves are quite easy to complete. You just have to complete other Quests to make progress. All in all, you need to complete 30 Quests to earn 1,500 V-Bucks. You’ll be rewarded with 100, then 200, then 300 and so on for every six Quests you complete.

The V-Bucks you can earn is a pretty great value, since 1,500 V-Bucks would be valued at about $12 from the lowest rate. Not to mention, you get a pretty great skin.

Lyra is based on the legend of Medusa, who could turn people into stone by looking at them. Lyra is Fortnite’s riff on the legendary Gorgon. Her matching harvesting tool is a three-headed snake and her backbling sees Jonesy suffering a terrible fate.

She comes with an alternate style, Sidewinder, which gives her blue snake hair and a different top. Both are actually reactive; when you aim down sights you can see her snake hair become animated and lively. Thankfully, they stay out of the way when you aim.

Curiously, the Sidewinder styles shares more than just a name with the Sidewinder skin from the Chapter 1 Season 8 Battle Pass. They both have the same emblem on their shirts.

The pickaxe has some funny physics on the snake heads. In the menu, they dangle around like you’d expect if you swung a snake around. In actual gameplay, they stay fairly taught and lash their tongues out periodically.

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