Marigold is here: How to get Female Midas in Fortnite

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Midas was a great skin back in Chapter 2 Season 2. He had such a great design and an even cooler reactive ability that turned any weapon he grabbed gold. How could Epic Games one up themselves? Give Midas a counterpart in Marigold. Let’s take a look at how to get Female Midas in Fortnite.

Fortnite Female Midas Marigold Detailed

Marigold is a female version of Midas. Epic Games have long made reduxes of their most iconic skins, like Catalyst and Ravage for Drift and Raven respectively. Midas now gets that honor, with a new version in Marigold.

How to get Female Midas in Fortnite

To get Marigold, you just need to buy the Golden Touch Challenge pack. It’s in the Item Shop right now for about $12. You won’t be using V-Bucks for this pack, since you’ll be earning back 1,500 of them for completing the challenges the pack unlocks. Of course, you’ll get Marigold and her matching accessories.

In addition to Marigold, you get a matching backbling and harvesting tool in the Golden Gambit and Golden Daggers. Marigold herself has two styles, one for her default look and another reactive style that has her become more gold the more kills you get. The reactive style also gives her the eponymous Golden Touch ability, turning any weapon you grab gold (like a wrap, not an upgrade) permanently.

Since Midas was a Battle Pass skin, many players (like those who joined during Chapter 2 Season 4’s Marvel mania) may have missed out on the iconic look. Marigold brings many of the same abilities as Midas, while looking just as sharp or even sharper than the Golden Ghost.

Even if you already have Midas, Marigold is a great outfit to pick up to go with him. Her accessories will also work great on Midas and vice-versa to get your golden spy style on.