Fortnite Wild Weeks silent returns: Sneak Week tips and tricks

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 is winding down, and Epic Games is bringing back one of my favorite things about Season 6: Wild Weeks. Here’s what you can expect with the new set of Fortnite Wild Weeks and its first theme, Sneak Week.

What are Wild Weeks? As the Season winds down and new updates come to a trickle, Epic Games makes a huge change to the game’s loot pool and mechanics to shake up gameplay. It’s a way to get people back into the game, as the LTM-style loot pools get players who may have already experienced everything the Season has to offer something new to play.

Wild Weeks will change each Thursday, and each week features a different theme. We also get a new set of themed Legendary Quests to complete.

Fortnite Wild Weeks silent returns: Sneak Week tips and tricks

This week is Sneak Week, focusing on my preferred tactic: stealth. All Pistols, Assault Rifles and Snipers of Epic Rarity or higher will be changed to their Suppressed variants. Suppressed SMGs are already in the game.

In addition, Prop-fiers will be more common and NPCs will sell Prop Disguises. According to datamines, Sneak Week’s Legendary Quest will be a ticker for dealing damage with Suppressed weapons.

The change to high level Suppressed weapons means that you’ll have to be more aware of your surroundings. It’ll be tougher to spot enemies based on their gunshots, and some of the weapons change characteristics when suppressed.

For example, Suppressed Snipers reload faster than Bolt-Action Snipers, but do less damage. They can’t take out an enemy at max health and shields with a headshot at Epic Rarity.

The Suppressed Pistol is also a little stronger than the normal one, and the Suppressed Assault Rifle is widely regarded as being worse than the normal one.

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Luckily, if the loot pool for this Wild Week doesn’t vibe with you, you only have to wait a week for a new theme.