Prop-ifier brings tactical espionage action to Fortnite

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One of my favorite ways to play Fortnite is with stealth. It’s a technique I believe is under appreciated, but the Prop-ifier is here to show everyone how to be a hide-and-seek champion.

The Prop-ifier is a new utility weapon that lets you choose and assume a prop disguise. Toggle the disguise you want, and you’ll assume that disguise. You can still move around, too. It’s as if you activated a prop disguise from an NPC, but occasionally your disguise will flicker with that static effect you see on NPCs.

Prop-ifier brings tactical espionage action

Choosing the right disguise is paramount to success with disguises. It has to be reasonably hidden, but in a good enough position to get the drop on someone. The Prop-ifier lets you take on a disguise anywhere.

In stealth, information is your greatest weapon. Look for gunfire, and try to intercept the enemy’s rotation. Another good way is to disguise yourself while two enemies are engaged. With a little luck, you’ll be able to catch the survivor off guard as they recover from the fight.

Smaller disguises are even better, as you minimize the chance of an enemy catching onto your static. Gnomes are especially useful, since their locations in game are widespread.

Using decoys is another great way to make enemies move the way you want. Throw a Med Kit or a Large Shield Potion to entice enemies to approach. A Recon Scanner shot is another good way to keep tabs on an enemy. In the second case, your enemy will most likely be searching for whoever fired the Scanner, not considering the possibility of a disguise.

Prop disguises are a good way to avoid encounters, too. If you find yourself at the center of a hot zone or if you’re short on supplies in a place everyone’s running through to make it to the next rotation, consider hiding out and waiting for the enemy to pass.

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What about countering the Prop-ifier? It’s similar to getting around bush camping. Be aware of your surroundings. It wouldn’t hurt to know what props the Prop-ifier can use and if your location is one where it could reasonably spawn.

Don’t even worry about encountering disguises in Arena playlists, as the Prop-ifier is not coming to competitive.