Fortnite: Inflate-A-Bull disabled after invincibility glitch

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The Inflate-A-Bull is a clever twist on the cow abduction trope that’s classic for the Alien invasion theme. When equipped, Saucers are more likely to find you, but it also lets you bounce around, roll to safety and- turn you invisible?

Fortnite: Inflate-A-Bull disabled after invincibility glitch

The invisibility wasn’t an intended feature for the Inflate-A-Bull. Some players have also reported that it made them invincible as well. First, it was taken out of competitive playlists before being disabled throughout the game. Ironically, Epic Games stated that “[t]he Inflate-A-Bull is not invincible” in the article detailing the item.

Normally, the Inflate-A-Bull is meant to protect you and let you escape to safety. It’s the IO alternative to the Alien Parasite, which trades your health for mobility. The only trade-off is a cool down.

When a new item drops, I log-in right when I see it to check it out. I couldn’t get my hands on an Inflate-A-Bull myself, but I did see one in the wild before they were disabled. I can’t be entirely sure if this was glitched, but I came across an enemy who used it and then seemingly disappeared.

Chapter 2 Season 7 seems to be full of glitches with new items. Some of these unintended effects were caused by oversight, like having Alien Nanites being able to craft banned Rail Guns in competitive and causing trouble for quest completion. Others are more inexplicable, such as the case where ziplines were disabled for a few days. The Inflate-A-Bull situation seems to be of the latter.

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It’s not known when the item will return. That’s up to how fast Epic Games can hotfix the invisibility and invincibility glitch. When it does return, you’ll be able to find it in normal and IO chests.