Fortnite: Deploy Alien Nanites posing problems for quests, competitive

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Alien Nanites just hit the island and they’re already posing all sorts of problems. The quest that has you deploy them is glitched, and they’re completely removed from competitive play. What’s going on? And why is it so hard to get the game to see if you did deploy Alien Nanites?

Fortnite: Deploy Alien Nanites posing problems for quests, competitive

The quest being glitched doesn’t come as a shock to anyone who’s been around the island a few loops. Whenever a new, flashy item is released, a quest that has you use it is sure to follow. This week, the “Deploy Alien Nanites” quest is part of the Legendary quest line.

This poses a problem: you’ll be locked out of the remainder of the Legendary quest line if you encounter the glitch. XP has been plentiful recently, but only if you keep up. If you’re Battle Pass grinding, the weekly Legendary is paramount to finishing on time.

So what do we do about this? It’s unfortunate that this is a recurring issue, but take solace in knowing that Epic will likely just auto-complete the quest if they don’t directly fix it.

Alien Nanites are posing some other issues on the competitive side, as well. They’ve been removed from competitive playlists, but not for the reason most would think. It’s not like the funky alien swimming pool is too powerful or weird for competitive play, but it allowed players to craft the Rail Gun, which was banned a few weeks ago.

This must have been some oversight, as it’s weird that the Alien Nanites were even brought to competitive playlists in the first place. For just one day, players had a taste of the raw power of the Rail Gun one more time in Arena. This came as a massive shock for players who had thought they safely holed up to heal or reload.

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Nanites are still extremely fun to use in casual lobbies, so if you want to try them out for yourself check out our guide on Alien Nanites.