Fortnite Impostors Review: Not the Among Us Crossover we wanted

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Fortnite Impostors: Differences from Among Us

First, it’s set in Fortnite’s lore. You’re in the IO Headquarters after the betrayal of Agent Jones in the Zero Crisis Finale. Impostors aren’t body snatchers like Joey are, but co-conspirators that helped Agent Jones. Because of this, you don’t kill of other players but send them into some sort of Rift space and leave behind shards as evidence.

You also don’t get a public chat that you can type in. Some may see this as a major downside to Fortnite’s version, but I think this is for the better. Fortnite’s player base is huge, and while a majority of players are good, upstanding gamers, there’s a small percentage of problematic people. A small percentage of a several million is still sizable.

In lieu of a typed chat during the voting sequence, you get a dialogue wheel like you’d find in RPGs. It seems like a weird design choice until you realize that it unifies the experience between mobile, console and PC. Console players can’t really type that fast without an external keyboard, and mobile players still have to fumble in menus. While I think it’s inferior to a text chat, it unifies players on Fortnite’s various platforms.

Luckily, you can form still private matches that can have voice chat enabled, though I’d recommend turning to Discord instead of using the game’s internal chat if possible. You need a minimum party size of four to make a private match, but luckily you can still squad up and join a public match together.

Fortnite’s Impostor Mode is also played, well, like Fortnite. That means you’re in a third-person view instead of an overhead view. Your spotting skills and periphery vision will be more important than ever, and knowledge of the map and tasks will be indispensable.

The Impostor gets a huge benefit with the switch to third person. Information is harder to parse when you have a little more than half of the view you get in Among Us. Of course, this is a detriment to Agents. There’s also an Impostor ability to make everyone look like Peely, allowing them to slip into the crowd once more.