Close encounters of the Fortnite kind: How to get abducted by aliens in Fortnite

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Official previews for Chapter 2 Season 7 are finally here, and Epic Games have players being abducted by aliens in Fortnite. The next season is set to have aliens (not the movie) theme, and you can get in on the action early. Here’s how to get abducted by aliens in Fortnite.

How to get abducted by aliens in Fortnite

To get abducted by aliens in Fortnite, you have to be lucky (or chosen). What triggers an abduction isn’t known, but players have been getting abducted after looking into a green light (probably from an alien ship). This seems to happen more frequently in the center of the map, specifically Risky Reels.

If you were lucky enough to be chosen for abduction, you’ll be sucked into the light after looking into it for a few seconds. After being taken you’ll wake up around The Spire, face down and with your health and shields maxed out.

The health boost sounds like an unfair advantage, but there’s easier ways to get topped off. Your position will also be messed up, so the tactical advantage of abduction remains to be seen. Knowing how to get abducted in Fortnite isn’t some hidden strategy you can pull, but it is cool.

If you want to see what happens when you’re abducted, check out this highlight from SypherPK:

As for who are the aliens, we don’t know yet. I hope there’s some connection with The Seven, since the start of Season 6 made such a big deal with the appearance of The Foundation. There doesn’t seem to be a season ending event this time around, as C2S6 is almost over and we haven’t gotten any confirmation from Epic other than the new season’s start date. Did Jonesy get The Foundation out of the Zero Point? How will the Zero Point play into the next season’s story?

They may be moving towards having the season finale events to the front of the new season, wrapping up the last theme and transitioning to the new one.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 starts June 8.

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