When does Fortnite Season 7 start? Epic Games officially announces C2S7

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If you’ve been following along Chapter 2 Season 6, you may have already experienced all that Primal had to offer. You won’t be bored long, however. If you’ve been wondering when does Fortnite Season 7 start, Epic Games have officially given a date for the new Season.

When does Fortnite Season 7 start? Epic Games officially announces C2S7

According to Epic, Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 officially kicks off on June 8. That’s not a lot of time to finish your Battle Pass if you’re behind, but there’s a few other things you should make sure you complete before season’s end.

The Agent Jones’ Jump Styles were my favorite part of the Battle Pass. I loved to see Epic expand upon the lore of a surprisingly lovable character who we knew only as Default Jonesy for the longest time. Progressing through the Battle Pass unlocks style challenges to get Agent Jones’ different looks as he appeared in the Chapter 2 Season 5 crossover trailers.

Speaking of styles, there’s a hidden gold Lara Croft style that you can unlock by taking the Tomb Raider to Orelia at the south end of the island. To unlock the gold skin, just nab Orelia’s gold SCAR. If you’ve had trouble fighting the other players over it, there’s an easy trick you can try.

Bars also  reset between Seasons. Epic notes that the bars will reset again, implying that bars will once again be a mechanic next season and perhaps going forward. This week’s Legendary Quest wants you to blow your bars, so go crazy. I recommend playing around with the Grappler Bow if you haven’t.

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