Grappler Bow Fortnite: 6 Tips and Tricks

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The Grappler Bow Fortnite is a new Exotic weapon you can get in Chapter 2 Season 6. It’s not tricky to find, but it sure can be tricky to use. Here are six tips and tricks to help you use the Grappler Bow to its full potential.

The Grappler Bow can be found pretty easily. You simply buy it from the Lara Croft NPC in Stealthy Stronghold. It’ll set you back 500 Bars, so you’ll want to know what you’re getting into before you make the investment.

Grappler Bow Fortnite: 6 Tips and Tricks

1- Be ready to ambush

The Grappler Bow combines the classic Grappler with the sniping capabilities of a bow. As such, hitting a fully charged shot with the Grappler Bow will cause you to launch towards you enemy, even if you hit them. Have a contingency plan in mind if you miss and watch your positioning as you grapple towards the enemy. Be ready to quick-swap to a close range weapons like an SMG or Shotgun and surprise them when you land.

2- It negates fall damage

After grappling, you won’t take fall damage. If you catch yourself falling of a structure, you can save yourself from hitting the ground if you can get off a grapple. Just aim at the ground to make it easier on yourself.

3- Watch the marker

When you aim the Grappler Bow, you’ll see the trajectory marker like any other bow. The difference is that it’ll be blue or red when fully charge, letting you know if you’ll grapple or not. A blue trajectory marker means you’ll latch on when you land a hit. A red marker will end with an X, and it’ll fire like a normal arrow. This means you can still snipe enemies, even without the grapple effect. A headshot from this bow can one-shot a fully shielded enemy.

4- Mind your ammo

The grapple effect has always been incredibly powerful and versatile, but the trade-off with the Grappler Bow in Chapter 2 Season 6 is that you must fully charge it to get the grapple effect and that it will consume arrows. Watch your ammo count, and prioritize grabbing arrows when you can.

5- You don’t need a full charge for full damage

This is more of a general bow tip, but it’s still something a lot of players don’t know about. Bows in Fortnite work a little counterintuitively to how they are in other games. In Fortnite, you don’t need to fully charge an arrow to get maximum damage. It’ll deal the same damage no matter what, the only difference when you hold out the charge is the range and velocity. Keep this in mind if you catch yourself in close range with the bow out. At 89 damage per shot, the Grappler Bow is as strong as one of the Epic Mechanical Bow upgrades and could do some serious damage in a pinch.

6- Never pay full price

As mentioned before, the Grappler is one of the game’s most powerful effects. Since you can just buy it from an NPC consistently each game, Stealthy Stronghold is sure to be a hot zone in the early game. Instead of seeking out Lara Croft first and fighting off your enemies, gather some loot and stakeout the NPC location. Stealthy Stronghold is lush with hiding spots, so wait for some poor schmuck to buy the bow first and then ambush them to take the Grappler Bow for yourself.

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