Fortnite Reality Logs Updated: Season 6 Teaser Impressions and Predictions

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The first teaser for Chapter 2 Season 6 is finally here. Epic Games is continuing the trend of using Fortnite Reality Logs, narrated by Jonesy, to drop subtle for what to expect when Chapter 2 Season 6 kicks off on March 16.

This reality log has a distraught Jonesy venting some of his frustrations at the Order’s inaction about the Zero Point. It seems here that Jonesy will be going rogue, but story details are sparse.

Fortnite Reality Logs Updated

The teaser features the insignia of the Imagined Order, first seen during the season finale The Device event in Chapter 2 Season 2. There are also some images of a fanged, wolf-like character that may be Dire from the Chapter 1 Season 6 Battle Pass.

The numeral 10 also appears throughout the short teaser, along with changing images that are too close up to identify at this time.

We know that the Zero Point is destabilized, looking like it did back in Season X before it exploded and reshaped the island. There’s still a few threads we need to know that could connect IO, The Seven and The Loop. Previous Fortnite lore snippets often raised more questions than answers, but we won’t have to wait too long to find out.

The good news is that Chapter 2 Season 6 will begin in a few days. Instead of a Chapter 2 Season 5 finale event, there will be a solo experience right at the start of the new season, called Zero Crisis Finale. According to Epic Games, this event will be the conclusion of Agent Jones’ mission. Epic also promises that the event will have “the most ambitious story cinematic” yet.

I hope this Season relies on more original Fortnite material for players who are getting a little tired of the rampant crossovers we’ve had over the last two seasons.

Previous reality logs saw Jonesy travel the realities to recruit warriors for Chapter 2 Season 5, developing the John Jones character while adding some great crossover skins to the game. Between these teaser videos and Reality Logs, old default Jonesy has grown on me as a character. I’d love to see a skin for Agent Jones that has all of the styles from these Season 5 teasers.

With the presence of Dire in the teaser, could this be a Jonesy themed Battle Pass?