Fortnite Street Fighter Teaser Discovered at Sweaty Sands

A Fortnite Street Fighter Teaser is now visible in-game. After weeks of speculation, it seems that our next Bounty Hunter joining Chapter 2 Season 5 will be none other than Ryu from Street Fighter.

Fortnite Street Fighter Teaser Discovered at Sweaty Sands

The teaser can be found by following a strand of the Zero Point. A stream of energy emanating from the center of the map leads down south of Sweat Sands, where you can glimpse into the Skirmish Portal.

As you approach the portal, it opens up, revealing the iconic Suzaku Castle and playing Ryu’s Theme song. According to leaks, this Skirmish Portal will include two skins, one male and one female. A popular theory I’ve seen has been Wanda and Vision from the Marvel Universe.

While it would capitalize on the Wandavision hype, I know many players were disappointed at how Marvel-centric last season was. I love Wanda and Vision, but I think it’s time for more varied properties to let everyone express their favorite media within the game.

Fortnite Street Fighter: Ryu Comes to Fortnite?

If we’re looking at Street Fighter, the two most iconic character who fit the bill would easily be Ryu and Chun Li. Outside of picking up some blasters in Super Smash Bros., this would be one of the rare occasions where we could see these fighters wield firearms. Ryu can shoot fireballs out of his hands, but it’s weird thinking about them using guns.

This cross-over will also be the first time a Capcom property will be represented in Fortnite. Ryu would come hot on the heels of other gaming icons like Master Chief and Kratos, making for a cross-over roster in Fortnite that may rival Smash itself (okay, maybe more like Mortal Kombat).

What would Ryu’s Harvesting Tool look like? Would he just punch buildings down? I hope so.