Fortnite: Bushranger sprouts again

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Bushranger’s death earlier this week shocked and saddened many. Players flocked to the grave to pay their respects, and I’ve seen some great fan art and memorials honoring Bushranger. However, there’s hope that our Woodsy warrior will rise again.

If you visit Bushranger’s grave, you’ll find a tree sapling that looks just like him. You can still get Bushranger’s quests in dailies and by payphone, but his icon is now the sapling. This confirms that Bushranger was killed by the Alien parasites he fostered, but he plays by Groot rules apparently. After a few days, I’m expecting old Bushranger to sprout legs and carry on like he’s always done.

Fortnite: Bushranger sprouts again

Bushranger was found buried after his Legendary Quest line last week. During that quest, he tasked you with building a nursery and gathering various parenting paraphernalia. He was so excited to become a father.

It seemed that after the egg hatched, it took poor Bushranger’s life. It’s not known who buried him, but a solemn grave could be found where his usual spawn was.

Bushranger has long been a fan favorite, winning the third Community Choice poll. He’s been in the Item Shop every season since his introduction. With multiple season styles, he is one of the most expressive characters in the game. He’s also cute as a button.

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I love these cute easter eggs that aren’t highlighted in the game’s questionably complex lore. Things like this make players feel attachment to the characters, for what little lore they’re given. I never got Bushranger, but now Epic’s earned my money. As soon as he’s back in the shop, I’m showing my appreciation. You never know what you have until it’s gone.