Fortnite: I can’t believe Bushranger is dead

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Fortnite’s beloved tree-hedgehog-thing Bushranger has been allegedly found buried just between Risky Reels and Boney Burbs, his usual hangout.

Bushranger was the focus of last week’s Legendary Quest line, where he wanted to raise and care for the Alien Parasites as if they were his own. It seems that was his undoing, as you can’t find Bushranger in his normal spawn area anymore.

Fortnite: I can’t believe Bushranger is dead

Instead, you’ll come across a solemn unmarked grave, which many believe to be the current resting place of poor Bushranger. If you wish to come visit and pay your respects, look for the dead tree by the river between Risky Reels and Boney Burbs, on the eastern bank.

The last dialogue Bushranger has comes right before his eggs hatch, so it could be that Bushranger was parasitized and killed by the very same Alien Parasites he incubated. It’s all the more tragic when you remember that you got parenting books for him.

Beneath the game’s colorful exterior, there are quite a few dark themes that are kind of messed up if you think about it. The combatants in a Battle Royale are trapped in a time loop, everyone loses the ability to speak, and they’re fated to kill and be killed just to be resurrected in the next “game”.

This isn’t even the first time a cute, fan favorite character has canonically died. Peely has violently died twice, first when Bunker Jonesy blended him into a smoothie and drank him in Chapter 1 Season 9 and then again when Ryu Hadouken’d him in the Zero Crisis story cinematic, splattering his potassium-rich viscera all over Agent Jones.

Though given the nature of the Island and Loops, Bushranger might not be gone for too long after all. Bushranger and Bunker Jonesy hold the distinction of being the only two skins available every season since their introduction, so I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him. But until next season, RIP.