Fortnite: How to collect access card from IO Guard

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This week’s Legendary quest line has you sneak around IO facilities, from planting wire taps to hacking computers. There’s even a quest where you must collect an access card from an IO guard, which may give you trouble if you don’t know where to look.

This quest is pretty easy to nail if you can find an IO Guard lacking. They’re the aggressive non-player characters that can be found around IO facilities. Find one and defeat them, and they should drop their access card. If you remember Chapter 2 Season 2’s Boss access cards, this is similar except you don’t need to eliminate the IO Guard to get their card.

Fortnite: How to collect access card from IO Guard

You may run into some problems if you land right into the IO’s territory. Corny Complex is crawling with IO Guards, but without a strong weapon you can easily get overrun.

If you want to complete the quest safely, pick a Satellite Station (identified by their giant satellite dishes and beacons) that’s far from the Battle Bus line. Look for some floor loot either on the buildings or around the outpost. Skulk into the Dish outpost to get the drop on an IO Guard.

These “compound” IO Guards are armed less than their Field counterparts that may patrol the area outside. Inside compounds like a Satellite Station, IO Guards can only be armed with an Uncommon Pistol. That’s great for quest completion, but if you want to grab something with more teeth you can try to take on the stronger guards.

Either way, single out a Guard so you don’t get overwhelmed by their numbers. Two or three Compound IO Guards with pistols can be enough to take you down if your gear isn’t up to it.

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One last tip: IO Guards also have an interesting quirk about their AI. They’re really good at aiming at moving targets, so if you don’t build or shake up your movements you’ll be gunned down quickly. Sometimes, standing still or jittering your movements in place causes the game to “predict” where you’ll be incorrectly.