Fortnite: How to Eliminate Trespassers

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Trespassers are the alien invaders laying siege to the island. One of your Epic Quests has you eliminate two of them, and it sounds easy enough: find a Trespasser, pump them full of lead and repeat. Finding the Trespasser in the first place might be tricky, so here’s where to find and how to eliminate Trespassers in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7.

Fortnite: How to Eliminate Trespassers

There are two ways to find Trespassers. The first way is the easiest: locate Saucers and shoot them down. Head to a POI that has its name on the map purple and warped. That’s where you’ll find Saucers, piloted by Trespassers.

The Saucers themselves don’t have lots of health. They also don’t attack unless provoked, so make sure you’re committed when you approach one. After shooting one down, the Trespasser pilot will emerge and attack.

It’ll be armed with a Kymera Ray Gun, so don’t get too close or you’ll be melted. Try to land on a building first, so you can head inside to safely loot. You’ll need some decent ranged firepower to take down a Saucer; Assault Rifles and Rail Guns are best for this.

The other way is to find a Trespasser disguised as an NPC. Sometimes, you’ll find that an NPC isn’t quite themselves when spoken to. Continue this dialogue for the Trespasser to blow its cover and attack. It’ll also use a Kymera Ray Gun, but you’ll be in close proximity as you’d have just completed a dialogue with it. Have your SMG or Shotgun pointed and ready.

Trespassers themselves have 150 Shields and 100 Health, so you’ll want to have a strong close-range weapon to take them out when face to face.

The best way to complete this Quest is to take down a Saucer, since you’ll also get the benefit of being able to drive it yourself. If the game is still young, consider using it to fly to other POIs in order to complete some other quests.

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