Fortnite: Alien Nanites Guide – Where to find, how to use

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Alien Nanites are a unique new item added in this week’s update. They serve several purposes and are sure to give you and your weapons a jump in power. Here’s how to find Fortnite Alien Nanites and how to use them.

How to find Alien Nanites in Fortnite

What are Alien Nanites? They can two things: create what Epic calls a “low gravity biome” or sidegrade weapons to their sci-fi counterparts. You can find Alien Nanites in floor loot, on abductors or on the Mothership.

The low gravity field isn’t like the low gravity effect you get with the Hop Rock style items. It instead creates a large prism on impact, giving the new alien low gravity effect inside. They’re meant to replicate the invader’s home atmosphere, and for us Earthlings it feels like swimming. It’s not too dissimilar to the flooded storm that we saw at the end of Chapter 2 Season 2.

To swim properly, you jump to go forward. You can gain or lose altitude by looking up or down respectively. The jump is very quick but you descend slowly, so you can use it to gain a quick high ground advantage.

When you leave the field in a jump, you’ll fly out with the purple low gravity effect that we’re familiar with. You won’t take take fall damage even after leaping out of the top.

You’ll also find the same field, albeit on a larger scale, taking over the nursery at Holly Hatchery, the former Holly Hedges.

On the tech side of things, Alien Nanites can be used to craft the sci-fi weapons featured in this season. Despite being alien in nature, they can also make the IO’s specialized weaponry as well.

A nanite cube can side-grade a Rare or higher Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle or SMG into a Pulse Rifle, Rail Gun or Kymera Ray Gun respectively. This is a great way to get the Ray Gun, since you could perviously only get it by defeating an alien ship.

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