7 things we want in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 is on its way in less than a week, and there’s a bunch of possibilities with new aliens theme. Of course, I want to see some things return while I’m looking forward. Here are the seven things I want in C2S7.

7 things we want in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7

1- The Seven

It’s Season 7, The Seven are important characters to the game’s lore and they’re visitors from another world. It’s so obvious, and it would be a missed opportunity after the dramatic intro to Season 6 that featured The Foundation for The Seven to not show up in an important way this season.

2- Ray Guns

Ray guns are so ubiquitous with the aliens mythos. There are already ray guns in Save the World, but I want to see more varieties of laser weapons. This brings me to my next point:

3- Keep crafting

In movies, humans are always learning from and using alien technology. What better way than to implement that into the crafting system we already have? Instead of Primal weapons, I want to see Ray weapons we can make out of alien parts.

4- Unvault Snipers

Bows are great, but I don’t think they really fit in with the alien theme. Snipers are a favorite weapon of mine, and I want to see them back out just for personal satisfaction.

5- Mother Ship POI

Aliens can’t abduct without a ship, right? I want to see an abduction mechanic that teleports you to a Mother Ship, where you can either jump off and redeploy or use teleporter pads to quick travel. The ship itself may be a hotspot as players are using it to move about. I could also see the starting island you go into while you wait for the lobby to fill to take place on a flying saucer, like the helicarrier from C2S4. At the very least, the Battle Bus could have a flying saucer makeover just this one time.

6- Keep Revolvers

Revolvers are my favorite weapon, and I was glad to see them replace the normal pistols in the loot pool in Season 6. Both are discarded quickly (it pains me when the player who killed me leaves my legendary revolver behind), but there’s more you can do with the Revolver than normal pistols.

7- XP Coins

Curiously, C2S6 is missing XP Coins. These were a great way to catch up on XP, especially during the season’s waning days. XP is easy enough to earn, but I miss building a little hut to catch all those purple coins.

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