Fortnite: Should Crafting parts be easier to get?

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Chapter 2 Season 6 is all about crafting. You can make some truly remarkable new weapons, from the mighty Primal Shotgun to the incredibly versatile bows. However, some of these parts are harder to get than I’d like.

Epic Games
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Fortnite: Crafting parts should be easier to get

Mechanical Parts for crafting are rarer than I thought they’d be. Often, I’ll find myself looting an uncommon or rare Makeshift weapon and then spend quite some time looking for parts to upgrade them, before finding a rarer weapon that’s already the same kind as the one I wanted.

Animal Bones are easy enough to get if you’re in the wilderness. Hunting down boars, wolves and chickens can get you the bones you need, but Mechanical Parts have been more elusive.

Epic Games said in the preview materials for Season 6 that Mechanical Parts can be found from mechanical equipment like vehicles and the like. I’ve found that getting a single part from a car is rare, and getting them from other mechanical objects is even harder.

It doesn’t make much sense, then, that objects like refrigerators and ovens don’t drop mechanical parts. Animal bones can be harvested from structures made from them, so why are the rules for mechanical parts so arbitrary?

There seems to be a push to have starting loot be worse for spawn fights, enticing you to craft up the Makeshift weapons you find in the early game. Instead, I’ve found myself spending lots of time hacking at cars in an attempt to get mechanical parts instead of looking for more loot or heading to the circle.

How could this be fixed? I have a few suggestions. First, cars should drop their mechanical parts earlier. They should also have a fixed amount (perhaps two) that drop at predetermined levels when harvesting to be in-line with how wildlife drop bones. Second, mechanical parts should have a chance to be dropped from other mechanical objects like the aforementioned refrigerators and ovens.

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