The Fortnite Ferrari crossover is the weirdest yet

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Fortnite is a game that’s become all about crossovers. Anything and everything can be represented in Fortnite, from athletes all the way to fashion designers. With some absurd sounding choices like Guggimon and Rick Sanchez front and center in this season’s Battle Pass, why is the Fortnite Ferrari crossover so surprising?

Fortnite Ferrari crossover is the weirdest yet

On the surface, it doesn’t seem


that weird, unless you know how protective Ferrari is about their brand image. For a brief history on Ferrari’s legal history and notoriety, check out this great video by Donut Media.

One case, detailed in the video, saw Ferrari issuing a cease and desist to fashion designer Philip Plein, who had uploaded an image of his products on his Ferrari.

Ferrari is notoriously defensive of their brand perception. According to the cease and desist issued by Ferrari to Philip Plein, “Ferrari’s trademarks and model cars are associated in your pictures with a lifestyle totally inconsistent with Ferrari’s bran perception, in connection with performers making sexual innuendos and using Ferrari’s cars as props in a manner which is per se distasteful”.

In Fortnite, you can now play as Rick Sanchez and run over a giant talking, naked banana with a modded, off-road Ferrari 296 GTB while LeBron James rides shotgun with a shotgun firing at a flying saucer piloted by an alien all the while with Gangnam Style playing on the radio.

When it’s put that way, the Ferrari crossover seems kind of surprising.

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If you’re looking to get your hands on the Ferrari 296 GTB, the car itself is just a re-skin of the Whiplash car. That means you can find it wherever the Whiplash used to spawn. Look at Believer Beach and in the garages of homes at Lazy Lake to find one. There are a few quests that require you to drive one, so be sure to get some easy XP.