Fortnite: Chonkers Off-Road Tires are awesome

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The new Chonkers Off-Road tires open tons of mobility options and make one of my favorite strategies in Fortnite even better: vehicular eliminations. Here’s how to use the new Chonkers tires to run over the competition.

New for v16.20, the Chonkers tires are an upgrade you can use to turn any drivable car into an off-road vehicle. Normally, cars lose speed when driven off-road. With the Chonkers on, you can drive them off-road just as well as on, and you can even do some weird things like scale cliffs.

Fortnite: Chonkers Off-Road Tires are awesome

To upgrade a car to go off-road, you have to find a Chonkers tire. It’s a Common rarity item that you can find on floor loot. Despite being an upgrade item, it still takes up a slot in your inventory. You can hold only one Chonkers tire per stack.

If you don’t want to bust up a car to harvest the sweet Mechanical Parts hidden within, you can trick it out to go off-roading.  With a Chonkers tire in tow, find a drivable car (one that doesn’t have the wheel locks) and throw it at it like you would a grenade. The car will instantly gain giant off-road wheels. You can even throw a Chonkers tire on a car with broken wheels.

Your car is now ready for off-road action!

The Chonkers are best used to make a quick escape from the storm. Cars are great if you catch yourself too far from the circle, but depending where you are the roads may not be the most direct path. With the off-road mod on a car, you can now take a more direct path.

One of my favorite things to do is get into the Mudflap truck and run over people. The problem, is that the truck handles like molasses and is even worse off-road. That’s no longer a problem with the Chonkers equipped.

The Mudflap and Whiplash (sports car) can both run over enemies and eliminate them quickly. The Mudflap can just doze over them, while the Whiplash needs to boost to do maximum damage. Either way, look for which direction an enemy is running towards and cut them off. Weaker structures like thin trees and fences will be destroyed, so you can drive straight into those to run over someone.

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