The Recycler is actual garbage: What does the Recycler do in Fortnite?

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What does the Recycler do in Fortnite? It’s garbage. No, seriously, it’s made from garbage. It’s the newest weapon in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season, and you can get your hands on one now.

There’s a new theme that’s emerging in Season 6. Areas on the map have started assembling makeshift barricades against the Primal wilderness, and now there’s a new weapon that is made from and fires scrap materials.

The Recycler is actual garbage: What does the Recycler do in Fortnite?

The Recycler is a unique weapon in that it doesn’t use ammo. Rather, it fires bombs made of Junk, which is obtainable by having the weapon harvest materials. You can grab in Rare, Epic or Legendary rarities.

To get Junk for your Recycler, aim the weapon at something you can harvest. Aim-down-sights to have the Recycler start sucking in structures. When the structure is destroyed, you’ll get a shot for the Recycler. You won’t get any materials this way. Enemy structures can be sucked in, but do not give Junk when destroyed.

You only get the reload when the structure breaks. You can harvest a structure normally with your harvesting tool, and finish off the structure with your Recycler to get materials and ammo at the same time. The kinds of materials recycled does not matter. Only three shots can be held at any given time with the Recycler.

The Recycler fires bombs made of garbage that break on impact. The bombs fire somewhat slowly, but deals heavy damage against opponents and structures. It also deals damage in a small splash radius when the bomb explodes, so you can aim at your enemies’ feet. There’s some bullet drop as the Junk bomb is lobbed out.

Damage from the Recycler count as explosive damage. Keep it as a secondary weapon to get enemy players while they’re running, or to hit them around walls.

It’s cool, but the Recycler doesn’t seem like it belongs in this Season’s theme. It feels much more like a concept for Chapter 2 Season 3, when the island was submerged in a post apocalyptic setting.

Nevertheless, the Recycler is a great and fun weapon to use.

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