The Flash Comes to Fortnite with The Flash Cup

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The crossover skins just don’t stop coming, and now DC’s The Flash gets some love in Fortnite. The Flash Cup is your first chance to get the much anticipated The Flash skin. The set will come to the Item Shop soon, but players who place high enough in this tournament first will get the Outfit and Back Bling before anyone else.

Barry Allen, The Flash, finally comes to Fortnite as the next Bounty Hunter after a few days of teasers and leaks. I’m not sure what qualifies The Flash as a bounty hunter, but it’s good to see more DC cross-over content after the massive Marvel blitz in Season 4.

Your first chance to get The Flash is on February 10 as the prize for The Flash Cup, but there will be another way to grab the outfit later if you don’t make the cut.

Fortnite Flash Cup Rules

The rules for The Flash Cup are simple. According to the official rules, the tournament will be played in Duos, so you’ll want to play with a friend. Like previous Cups in Fortnite, you’ll have three hours to play up to 10 games. You get points depending on how well you place, and another for each elimination you make. In simpler terms, do your best!

Rankings for prizes vary by region. For example, the top 1,750 players in North America East will earn The Flash’s Outfit and Back Bling, but only the top 500 in North America West will make it. Check the official rules for the exact details for your region.

Players must also be ranked in the Open Division of Arena and have two-factor authentication enabled to participate.

If you don’t score high enough, don’t worry.  The bundle will be available in the Item Shop on February 13. The rest of the set is coming as well, rounding out the bundle with the Speed Force Slashers Pickaxe and the Quick Bite Emote. According to Epic Games, the bundle also comes with a Flash themed loading screen but it’s not clear how Flash Cup winners who go to complete the set will get their hands on that.