Fortnite: Should We Get A Full DC Crossover Season?

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The Marvel crossover was a huge success for Fortnite. The fans were entertained by all the cool skins and weapons. Is it DC Universe’s turn?

Adding the likes of Iron Man, Wolverine, and Doctor Doom, only to name a few additions, last season was exciting for Fortnite and Marvel fans alike. I personally enjoyed the ability to run around the map and obliterate players as Wolverine using his adamantium claws. However, I hated it just as much to be caught in the wild unready against Wolverine.

That is just how the cookie crumbles though. You have your ups and downs in every situation. There were many positives, but there were a couple of negatives as well. The words Iron Man’s blasters should explain that enough. Now that the Marvel involvement has come and gone, all we have is skins and more for a reminder.

Many players have been calling for Fortnite to have more Marvel involvement in the future. However, some players have been wondering what other fandoms could get involved with the fun. One of the possibilities is to have a season focused on the DC Universe like Marvel was in Season Four. There are many different possibilities that would make an entertaining season.

We already have a handful of DC Universe skins like Batman, Aqua Man, and Joker to name a few. However, there are superheros like Superman, Wonder Woman, and the rest of the missing Justice League members that could be added in a DC focused season. It would be very fun to see the return of the bat-a-rang and Batman’s grappling hook among other items.

The potential of a partnership between the two is almost endless. DC Universe, much like Marvel, has a huge vault full of heroes that would great additions to the game. Who would you like to see join the Fortnite loop from the DC Universe? Any special powers that you would be looking for? Let us know!

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