Fortnite: How To Unlock External Voyager’s Red Pixel Pilot And Cosmic Cleavers

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Fortnite Players are scrambling to complete all of the Season 10 missions to collect all of the Battle Pass skins and style variations before time runs out. There seems to be a bug with the Eternal Voyager’s red Pixel Pilot and red Cosmic Cleavers.

At tier 87 of the Fortnite Battle Pass, a very popular skin for Season 10 was unlocked called the Eternal Voyager. This skin not only had three different stages to unlock, but also three different colors available. Those colors were green, teal, and red.

In addition to the actual skin, there was a matching glider, the Pixel Pilot, a matching back bling, the Gameplay, and a matching harvesting tool, the Cosmic Cleavers. This made the Eternal Voyager one of the “must have” skins for Season 10.

The Cosmic Cleavers were opened up at tier 15 of the Battle Pass, and the Pixel Pilot was opened up at tier 77. The best feature of this skin was that with each different color variation (green, teal, and red), the matching accessories came with unlockable matching color variations as well.

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All Fortnite players have had no issues opening up all variations of the back bling, the Gameplay, including the red version. The same cannot be said for the final version of the glider and pick axe. The green and black versions opened up with no problems reported; however, the red color variation for the glider and pick axes are not opening for Fortnite players.

As reported on the FortniteBR subreddit, tons of players were all reporting the same issues with the red Cosmic Cleavers and red Pixel Pilot. Some players have reported that they have made Epic aware of the situation, but they have not received any information back as of yet.

Youtube streamer RoyalMishMash posted a video highlighting the problem, and there were immediately posts of Fortnite players sharing the same frustration. The good news is that Epic is aware of the situation, although they have not made a formal statement as of the time of this article. Epic has a history of quickly addressing issues such as these quickly, so hang tight and a solution should arrive soon.

Don’t forget to clear your schedule for this Sunday, October 13 at 2 PM EDT for the rocket launch and live event many suggest will end Season 10. With the end of Season 10, many speculate a new map for Season 11 will bring a breath of fresh air back into the Battle Royale game.

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