All Fortnite Excavation Camps Locations

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Fortnite Week 12 Quests are now live, and one task requires players to visit three new Fortnite excavation camps.

As Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 comes to an end, the last batch of weekly quests give players one last chance to earn enough XP to complete the current Battle Pass. For the first time all season, though, two quests hint at a possible seismic event coming to the Battle Royale.

Not only must fans find three excavation camps, but they must also place seismographs on fault lines. The tagline for the quest reads, “It seems we are not the only ones studying these cracks in the ground…” Could the quest be hinting at an earthquake that will destroy the middle of the map?

As we wait for the possible event, here’s a breakdown of where to find all three Fortnite excavation camps.

All Fortnite Excavation Camps Locations

The three excavation camps are located in the center of the map, where the medieval biome meets the grasslands. You can find the camps in these specific spots:

  • North of Anvil Square
  • South of Anvil Square
  • Southeast of Anvil Square, just off the road from MEGA City

Players can also hover over the quest in the “This Season” tab and mark the exact locations on the map so they can easily travel to the spots mid-game.

Once players visit all three locations, they will receive 25,000 XP.