Fortnite Vaults Kinetic Blades in Competitive Playlists

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Kinetic Blades, one of the only mobility items in Fortnite, have been vaulted by Epic Games in competitive playlists.

Chapter 4 Season 2 brought many changes to the Battle Royale, including four new popular POIs on the southeast portion of the map. The biome, inspired by Japanese nature, architecture, and culture, also houses Kinetic Blades for players to utilize in the absence of Shockwave Hammers.

Purple Kinetic Blades come with three charges that allow players to quickly rotate across the map or push an enemy team. Although the blue blades only come with two charges, they are still better than carrying no mobility.

Unfortunately, in a season with already limited options, now Epic Games has vaulted the Kinetic Blade.

Fortnite Vaults Kinetic Blades in Competitive Playlists

Epic Games has temporarily vaulted Kinetic Blades in competitive playlists ahead of the May Console Champions Cup tomorrow. A new glitch allows players to kill opponents from any range with a Kinetic Blade if they disconnect and then reconnect their internet.

ODM Gear was also recently banned from competitive play due to a glitch that would not let players build after using the item. Epic Games fixed the issue and returned the item back to Fortnite shortly after, so fans can expect the same from the Kinetic Blade.

Casual players will not have to worry about the change, though, because Kinetic Blades are still in all Ranked and pub matches. Anyone caught using the glitch risks being banned by Epic Games.