Fortnite Ranked: Five Changes We Want for Better Gameplay

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2) All Modes

Currently, players can only play Zero Build Ranked in Duos. After vaulting Trios, Epic Games has brought back the popular mode, but not for Ranked.

Plus, limiting Zero Build to only Duos is shortsighted. Some of the biggest streamers in the world, like Turner “Tfue” Tenney, play Zero Build Trios and Squads almost daily, and now those modes are not available in Ranked.

Queue times could be a concern for Epic Games, but with Fortnite players reaching new heights with the creation of UEFN and now Ranked, it is hard to imagine Zero Build cannot be opened to even Solos.

1) Siphon

For some reason, Epic Games decided to remove Siphon in Fortnite. Now, players will not receive 50 health or shield when killing an opponent, or any extra materials.

It is hard to call Ranked “competitive Fortnite” when one of the staples is not present in the mode. If Arena was not discontinued, then the issue would not be as prominent; however, now that Ranked is the only option, Siphon needs to make its return.