Fortnite Ranked: Five Changes We Want for Better Gameplay

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4) In-Game Ranks

For some reason, Ranks only come up when players are in the lobby. You can see your Rank, along with the Ranks of the people in your party, but other than that, you cannot see any Ranks in-game, including your own.

Players should be able to see the Ranks of everyone in the match on the kill feed. As of now, matches barely even feel like a Ranked playlist since there is no evidence of Ranks anywhere in-game. 

3) Unvault Kinetic Blades

Epic Games recently vaulted Kinetic Blades due to a glitch that allowed players to kill any player from any distance when disconnecting and then reconnecting their WiFi. The removal of the item was said to be temporary, but Epic Games then announced they will remain vaulted for the rest of the season.

With such limited mobility, Kinetic Blades are desperately needed back in Fortnite. Spider-Verse Web Shooters and ODM Gear are now the only mobility options, and both are heavily reliant on RNG. Unlike Kinetic Blades, there are no set places to go to get either item for free.

Hopefully Epic Games will bring Kinetic Blades back in Chapter 4 Season 3.