How to Mark Enemy Players in Fortnite

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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 Week 8 quests are now live, and players can complete the five tasks for extra XP. Although most of the quests are straightforward, one requires fans to mark enemy players in Fortnite.

The language of the quests is a bit confusing. After all, marking enemies in Fortnite is not a common practice, especially with the current weapon pool.

Here’s a breakdown of how to mark enemy players in Fortnite.

How to Mark Enemy Players in Fortnite

There are a couple ways to mark enemy players in Fortnite. Players can travel to a POI that contains a Capture Point and stand on the flag until the location is captured. Then, any animals, NPCs, or enemies within a certain distance will be marked. A red icon will appear above them, alerting you to their presence.

Capturing a POI will only count, though, if there are people and animals to mark. If you land at a less popular POI and claim the location with no one else around, there will be no one to mark. The best place to complete the task is Brutal Bastion; multiple teams almost always land there, and there are plenty of NPCs to mark as well.

The quest can also be completed by acquiring a Flare Gun from the new Reality Augment, Tracker’s Armory. Head toward Mega City and shoot the gun over the POI. You are bound to mark players since Mega is the most popular POI in the game. You could also always get in a car, follow some enemy shots, and then flare the area when you get close.

Either method will get you the five marks required to complete the quest and earn 24,000 XP.

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