Fortnite Playwave Island Series: All Playwave Quests and Rewards

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Fortnite’s Playwave Island Series is back with 11 new islands for players to explore. Along with the list of new featured musical artists, the islands all contain Playwave Quests that offer players XP and free in-game rewards.

The Playwave Quests are broken up by music genre and can be found in the in-game Quests tab. Players can travel to their corresponding island straight from that page, or they can manually input the specific island codes. The islands are also all in the Playwave row in Discover.

Here’s a breakdown of all the Playwave Quests and their rewards.

Fortnite Playwave Island Series: All Playwave Quests

The full list of the Playwave Quests, each worth 15,000 XP, are as follows:

  1. Restore health in Up and Running
  2. Collect music notes in Emotion in Motion
  3. Earn points in Rising Rhythms
  4. Interact with objects in Memory Lane
  5. Collect a sword and shield in A Peaceful Night
  6. Collect coins in Dirt Bike Day Dream
  7. Collect music notes in Defeat the Trolls
  8. Collect music notes in DREAM FACTORY
  9. Collect music notes in The Vibe Ride
  10. Collect music notes in The Lost Garden
  11. Collect puzzle pieces in Search for Self
  12. Complete a challenge in DARK CITY RACE
  13. Smash statues in Inferno Forge
  14. Collect music notes in Cerebral Cinema
  15. Collect music notes in The Journey
  16. Eliminate opponents in CASINO HEIST PAYLOAD

Fortnite Playwave Island Series: All Playwave Rewards

There are nine free in-game rewards players can earn as they complete Playwave Quests. Once players complete three, they will receive:

  • Desdemona Sees All Spray
  • Blending In Spray

For six successful quests, players will earn:

  • Chaotic Plunge Spray
  • Booming Note Emoticon

Nine completed tasks will give players:

  • Party Trooper Was Here Spray
  • Playwave Island Banner Icon

Finally, 12 completed quests will grant players:

  • Hot Saucers Spray
  • Solo Sulk Spray
  • Once in a Generation Loading Sceen

The Playwave Quests will remain available until May 15 at 12 a.m. ET.