Fortnite A Peaceful Night Shield: How to Complete

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Fortnite’s Playwave Island Series is now live with a handful of Playwave Quests for players to complete to earn up to nine in-game rewards and a load of XP. Although many of the quests are fairly simple, the Fortnite A Peaceful Night Shield quest is a bit confusing.

The full quest reads, “Collect a sword and shield in A Peaceful Night.” Except when players spawn into the island, they are greeted by a bedroom without any weapons in their inventory or in the small space. So, where can they find the shield and sword?

Here’s a breakdown of how to complete the Fortnite A Peaceful Night Shield quest.

Fortnite A Peaceful Night Shield: How to Complete

First, players must enter the island, A Peaceful Night. The featured song is “Peaceful Nights” by Quanoe, and its specific Island Code is: 7121-7221-6833. Players can also enter the island through the Playwave Quests tab by selecting the quest.

Once you are inside the bedroom on the island, three zombies with glowing purple eyes and bones will appear. You will be given a sword to fight them. Wield the sword like any other melee weapon and defeat the monsters. If you are successful, the sword will permanently be yours.

Completing the quest also requires you to find a shield. Head to the corner of the bedroom and interact with the pile of boxes to move them out of the way. A Guardian Shield from Chapter 4 Season 1 will appear. Add the shield to your inventory to complete the quest and earn 15,000 XP.